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Alumni Update- Kasey Bailey

Meet Kasey Bailey, this week’s Alumni Update.

1. When were you a part of the FWCC? 2003-2013

2. What is your favorite FWCC memory? My favorite memory was when we went on tour in D.C. That trip is where I made some of my best friends (The Sweet Peas) Lizzie, Julia, and Adi Bug. We also survived our tour bus breaking down…twice I think.

3.How did involvement with FWCC impact your life? FWCC was my family back in high school. It introduced me to close friend and kept my love of music alive. This love of music is something I have brought into the classroom for my students.

4. What are you doing now? I will be graduating from Western Michigan University in December with a degree in Elementary Education with an early childhood endorsement. After graduating I will be teaching Kindergarten.

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Meet the Staff- Nancy Swanson

Photo: Andy Pauquette

Meet Nancy Swanson, FWCC’s Executive Assistant and Financial Manager. Nancy grew up on a farm near Hillsdale, Michigan, and spends one day a week there, caring for my parents’ flower beds and helping my Dad. She earned a BA in Organizational Management from Goshen College. She and her husband, Jon, met in Wheaton, Illinois, when she worked at Wheaton College Graduate School. They’ve been married 34 years and have two married children, Hope and Andrew.

Let’s get to know her!

1- How long have you been with the FWCC?
I came to the FWCC when our daughter, Hope, joined the Lyric Choir in 2002, and I was the Lyric Choir secretary that year. In the fall of 2004, I joined the FWCC staff as Volunteer Coordinator and then Financial Manager. After working with another not-for-profit from 2010-2013, I returned as Executive Assistant and Financial Manager. I’ve been on staff a total of 10 years.

2- What do you like best about working with the FWCC?
I love working with our families, whether it’s helping them figure out payment plans, following up when a singer has missed several rehearsals, making sure they have all the information about a concert or tour, or just being a listening ear for good news or difficulty. We have the best families in the FWCC! And the staff–we have a pretty cool staff, too!

3- What is your favorite FWCC memory?
My favorite memory is probably the relief I felt when our tour group returned from Hawaii in 2005. Their flight had taken off twice, only to return to Honolulu due to problems with the plane. All parents and staff were grateful for a safe trip home.

Also, though it’s not a memory, I love watching singers grow up as they go through the FWCC. Over the years, I’ve seen dozens of singers make the journey from Apprentice through Youth Chorale, and it gives me great joy to watch them mature as people, as well as musicians. They find their voice is many areas of life.

4- How would you describe the culture of FWCC?
We are a very diverse, accepting, and supportive organization–diverse in culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status. The music our singers perform is diverse–sacred, classical, folk-songs, ballads, pop-culture,,and many languages. We accept everyone. We want all of our singers and their families to feel comfortable and supported by all of the staff. Our doors are always open–whether it’s in the office, by email, phone, or outside a rehearsal.

5- In your own words, why should a child consider joining FWCC?
It’s fun, and you learn a lot–about music, the world, and yourself.

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Summer Choir Camp Recap

Last week 23 children, 5-11 years old, participated in the Summer Choir Camp co-sponsored by the IPFW Community Arts Academy and the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir. Under the direction of Mrs. Susan LaCroix, a FWCC director, the young singers were introduced to some early music theory, including rhythms, Solfége, and, of course, singing! The week-long day camp culminated in a concert for family and friends.

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Alumni Update- Megan Ryan

Meet Megan Ryan, FWCC Board Member and Alumni. She’s our Alumni Update for this week. We asked her some questions about her time with FWCC and what she’s up to now.

1- When were you a part of the FWCC?  From 5th grade- 12th grade (1997- 2005)

2- What is your favorite FWCC memory? Our tour to England with Fred Meads. It changed my life and inspired me to love travel and the world around me.

3- How did involvement with FWCC impact your life? FWCC has and continues to inspire me to love music, continue learning, explore the world and cultures around me.

4- What are you doing now? I am a special education teacher, and I own my own business: Southwest Honey Co.

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Alumni Update- Rachel Haywood

Since our inception 44 years ago, we have had the pleasure of sharing in the lives of thousands of talented young people. Periodically, we will share stories from some of our alumni. Today, we’d like you to meet Rachel Haywood.

We asked her some questions about her time with FWCC and what she’s up to now.


1- When were you a part of the FWCC?
I was involved with the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir from 2005-2015.

2- What is your favorite FWCC memory?
Trying to pick one favorite memory is literally impossible, but I can say that each year was better than the last, and I cherished each local, national, and international opportunity that I got to share with my friends! We became family. I really enjoyed the little moments.

3- How did involvement with FWCC impact your life?
Singing with the FWCC has been by far the most rewarding experience of my life. I learned important life lessons right next to the invaluable music skills that have shaped me to be the person I am today. I may have graduated 2 years ago, but I still have memories and skills from my time with the FWCC.

4- What are you doing now?
I am about to start my junior year of college at Ball State University where I am studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Professional Writing and Emerging Media. I look forward to becoming more involved around my college campus!

rachey-haywood25- Is there anything else you’d like to share?
FWCC has the potential to change anyone’s life. I recommend the program to everyone, no matter their age or singing ability. Even if someone involves themselves for a year, they will experience a wide range of musical and cultural opportunities that will teach them more than they can imagine. I still keep in touch with a lot of choir friends including one I’ve roomed with at college and it’s easy to catch up like we never left. Friends are family.

 The first picture is of Rachel Haywood and fellow alumna Sarah Ceckowski (her freshman year college roommate) on their first international trip to England in summer of 2011. The second is one of her high school senior pictures from 2015.

If you’d like to share your alumni story, email Amber Foster at


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Three Rivers Choral Festival

Join us on Saturday, November 11, from 4-5:30 pm in the Auer Performance Hall, IPFW Rhinehart Music Center for Three Rivers Choral Festival.

 Hosted by The Fort Wayne Children’s Choir, IPFW Music Department, and Heartland Sings, he Three Rivers Choral Festival gives high school choirs an opportunity to work with a renowned choral music educator, participate in two individual choral clinics, and perform a combined repertoire.

Tickets for this event are $5 and may be purchased online at or at the IPFW Box Office.

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