About Us


In the Beginning

In 1973, Jocelyn Basse created the Children of Peace Choristers to meet the need for an extra-curricular choral opportunity for area youth. Incorporated in 1984 as the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir (FWCC), the choir  has expanded to nearly 300 singers from 85 schools. FWCC members not only gain exceptional music skills, but learn about history, culture, foreign language, poetry, team-building and leadership.

Our Mission

The Fort Wayne Children’s Choir teaches music literacy to children from diverse backgrounds through song and performance.

We strive to be recognized as one of the finest choirs in the nation because of our excellence in musical education, the diversity of our membership and the quality of our contributions to the community’s cultural life.


Here is how our time is spent

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[meter title=”MUSIC DEVELOPMENT” percent=”30″ class=”marginbig element_from_left”]

[meter title=”PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT” percent=”20″ class=”marginbig element_from_left”] [meter title=”MUSIC APPRECIATION” percent=”30″ class=”element_from_left”]

[meter title=”TEAM-BUILDING & LEADERSHIP” percent=”10″ class=”marginbig element_from_right”] [meter title=”HISTORY AND CULTURE” percent=”10″ class=”marginbig element_from_right”] [meter title=”HAVING FUN FROM WORKING HARD” percent=”100″ class=”element_from_right”]