Our Staff

We strive to put passionate music educators in front of all performing groups at Fort Wayne Children's Choir. The opportunity to work with your child and help grow his/her musical capabilities is truly a blessing to us all.
  • Jonathan Busarow
    Executive Artistic Director, Treble Choir, Concert Choir, and Chamber Singers Director
  • Amber Bouthot
    Marketing Director
  • Pam Pierson
    Associate Artistic Director
  • Nancy Swanson
    Administrative Assistant & Financial Manager
  • Susie Peirce
    Communication & Grants Manager
  • Irene S. Ator
    Artistic Assistant & Principal Accompanist
  • Tavis Schlicker
    Director of Youth Chorale
  • Laura Dallman
  • Mitch Rorick
    Director of the Boy Choir
  • Matt Johnston
    Accompanist for Whitley Community Children’s Choir
  • Denise Gilliland
    Director of Whitley Community Children’s Choir
  • Donna Hartleroad
    Accompanist for Lyric Choir & Treble Choir
  • Phyllis Boester
    Director of Lyric Choir
  • Kathy Coulter
    Accompanist for Apprentice Choir
  • Susan LaCroix
    Director of Apprentice Choir & Preparatory Program