For Music Teachers

FWCC enables me to keep on doing what I love best– making music with children. I taught music for 37 years in public, private and parochial schools, but the mission of FWCC calls for a “deeper dive” into music literacy and children’s vocal technique than what we can teach in a school setting. I continue to learn from my colleagues, and I have enjoyed lasting friendships with staff and singers.”

Kathy Coulter

Apprentice Choir Accompanist

This organization has always been a family, from the staff to the singers. The FWCC has impacted the lives of singers by always giving them a family/community to come back to. Through this family/community atmosphere, singers have felt comfortable to learn and express themselves while always feeling accepted as they learned important musical skills or simply improving social skills. Because of this, I feel that it has made them poised and confident individuals in all aspects of life, which trickles into the FW community itself.

Susan LaCroix

Apprentice Choir Director

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