As our Harvest Concert on Sunday, November 5, approaches, we thought we’d post this friendly reminder about concert etiquette. Our singers have worked hard to prepare. We want them to be successful and we want all of you to enjoy the performance.

– The cardinal rule is to not do anything that distracts from the music itself.

– Arrive at least fifteen minutes early for the concert. Even if the lights haven’t gone down, it can be disruptive to make your way to your seat when most people are already seated in your aisle.

– Please turn off your cell phones. Checking email or reading news, etc., on a smartphone during a concert makes no sound, but the bright light may be distracting to others in a darkened room.

-Be respectful of your fellow patrons. If you are wearing a hat, remove it; if you have glasses on your forehead, remove them. If you have a large purse, place it on the floor under your seat.

-Please refrain from talking during the performance. The slightest whisper can be disrupting.

– Plan to eat before you arrive, as no food is allowed in the venue.

– Remain seated during the performance unless it is an emergency.

– Remain in the concert hall until the applause ends and the lights come up.

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