First Steps in Music Songs 


A Ram Sam Sam:

Aiken Drum:

Al Citron:

All Around the Kitchen:

All the Pretty Horses:

Allee Gallo:

Ally Bally:

Babylon’s Fallin’

Baloo Baleerie:

Bird Fly Away, Away

Bling, Blang:

Buster Brown:

Bye n’ Bye, Bye n’ Bye:

Bye-o, Bye:

Caney Mi Macaro:

Charlie Over the Ocean:

Cherries are Ripe:

Circle ‘Round the Zero:

Cobbler, Cobbler:

Cock-a-Doodle Doo:

Creepy Mouse:

Down in the Valley:

Dr. Knickerbocker:

Fais Dodo:

The First Little Pig:

Freedom Land:

Frog in the Meadow:

Froggie Went A-Courtin’:

Go ‘Round the Mountain:

Good News, Chariot’s Comin’

The Green Grass Grew All Around:

Had a Little Rooster:

Handy Spandy:

Head and Shoulders Baby:

Here Come Three Kings:


Johnny Had One Friend:

Jump, Jim-a-long:

Kitty Alone:

Knock at the Door:

Kye Kye Kule:

Listen, Listen:

Little Baby Sweetly Sleep:

The Little Mice Go Creeping:

Little Red Bird of the Lonely Moor:

Little Sally Walker:

Lullaby My Jamie:

Mother Goonie Bird:

The Mulberry Bush:

My Name is Michael:

No Bears Out Tonight:

O Misses Sippy-o:

Old Joe Clark:

Oliver Twist:

On My Toe There is a Flea:

Peep Squirrel:

Piggy Wig and Piggy Wee:

Pitter, Patter:

Pizza, Pizza:

Polly Wolly Doodle:

Purple Light:

Rain, Rain Go Away:

Riding in a Buggy:

Rig-a-Jig Jig:

Ring Around the Rosey:

Ringo Ringo Rango:

Round about the Rosebush:

Sally Go Round the Sun:

Santa Maloney:

Sleep, My Baby:

Snail Snail:

So Fast:

The Tailor and the Mouse:

There Once was a Bumblebee:

There was a Little Hare:

Three Little Kittens:

Three Little Monkeys:

Three Time Around Went our Gallant Ship:


Turn, Cinnamon, Turn:

T’was on a Monday Morning:

Walk Daniel:

William, He Had 7 Sons:

Wise Old Owl:

The Wise Man:


First Steps in Music Poems

Can You Keep a Secret:

Chop Chop Chippity Chop:

The Cows are in the Meadow:

Down the Street:

Engine on the Track:

Father and Mother and Uncle John:

Five Little Riders:

From Wibbleton to Wobbleton:

Grandma’s Glasses:

Handy Pandy:

Hickory Dickory Dock:

Hickory Dickory Sacra Down:

Hippity Hop to Bed:

Laughing Baby Susan:

Mix a Pancake:

Off to Timbuktu:

Pizza, Pickle, Pumpernickel:

Ride a Little Horsey:

Round and Round the Haystack:

Round and Round the Racetrack:

Shoe a Little Colt:

Shoe the Horse:

These are Baby’s Fingers:

This Little Baby:

This Little Bunny:

This Little Clown:

This Little Cow:

This Little Elf:

This Little Froggie:

This Little Squirrel:

This Little Tiger:

Three Little Frogs:

Tommy’s Thumb is Up:

Two Little Eyes:

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?:

X Marks the Spot:

Instrumental Recordings

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