This week’s featured board member is Mitchell J. McKinney, Captain and Director of Community Relations for the Fort Wayne Police Department. His son Jackson joined the choir 8 years ago and Mitch started to volunteer, eventually joining the board and chairing our Parent Organization.

Why is FWCC important to our community?

Music has been a big part of mine and my wife’s lives and we wanted to make sure our children had the same experiences and more. A community can connect and relate over the simplest of tunes. It is a timeless form of communication!

What were you surprised to learn about FWCC?
I was most surprised and impressed with the amount of music theory that is taught and expected to be learned. My son has received an education in choral music not just an experience.
Do you have a favorite FWCC memory?
Traveling abroad has been such a longing for me and I was able to send my son to Hungary, Austria and Budapest during the summer before his 8th grade. Little did I know that I would travel to Ireland with the FWCC last summer. I will cherish that trip forever!
How does FWCC impact it’s singers?
The FWCC impacts its singers by affording them all the chance to better themselves through music in a diverse setting. They have fun with all kinds of genre and are allowed to express themselves through song.
We are living in different times right now but the song must live on. The FWCC will continue to provide choral excellence through education and performance and will be better than ever! I look forward to attending the first concert!!!
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