Seema J Reddy is a Real-Estate Broker/Realtor and a proud parent of two FWCC alumni who participated for 8 and 10 years. During their time with choir, Seema’s involvement as a volunteer increased. She served as rehearsal and concert volunteers, tour chaperone, Parent Association Board Officers, and now serves on the Board of Directors.
Why is FWCC important to our community?
FWCC is a vital part of the vibrant arts community in Fort Wayne and is essential to meet the need for a quality music education program to supplement and enhance the increasingly at-risk school-based programs. It serves to provide an opportunity for expression through song that unifies kids from diverse backgrounds across our community and opens doors to experiences for young people to travel outside of this community for new growth. In serving children from infant through high school age, the organization is a touch point for connections to other arts organizations, schools, faith, and family-based programs in this community.
What were you surprised to learn about FWCC?
Beyond the pure joy of singing as a group and the fun of making new friends as part of the organization, FWCC is a comprehensive program, based in established methodology that teaches music literacy as kids spiral up through multiple choir levels.
Do you have a favorite FWCC memory?
Among countless memories, my personal favorite as a parent, was being a Tour Chaperone on the England tour, and to this day having the kids (now young adults) in my chaperone group address me as “Mama Reddy”.
How does FWCC impact its singers?
From the first audition to the final performance, these young people learn critical skills in public speaking, cooperative skills, flexibility, discipline, independence, and leadership. For those that are alumni of the Choir, the connections formed through their shared experiences are deep and live-long friendships.
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