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Meet the Board- Kevin Christenson

This week’s featured board member is Kevin Christenson. Kevin has been a member of our board since 2014. He has two kids, Colin (16) and Katy (12).  He and his family moved from Stratford, CT to Fort Wayne, IN his sophomore year of high school.  His parents enrolled him in the high school marching band, and it was one of the best decisions they ever could have made for him. After graduating from Homestead High School in 1992, he immediately started teaching at area high school marching band programs. Something he is am still doing 25 years later!
Kevin attended Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington and after moving back to Fort Wayne, graduated from IPFW with a degree in music education. He has been a band director, a music academy director, a music sales manager, and a private clinician. Kevin also serves on the board for FAME and volunteers at numerous music events each year.  He has had a lifelong passion for music education and its undeniable positive impact on the human condition.
1- Why do you volunteer for FWCC? I became a board member of the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir after being asked by a FWCC board member, Justin Shurley, to serve on a committee for the FWCC Annual Do Re Mi Fund Raiser. I am currently still a member of that committee and we are already well underway planning the next Do Re Mi event taking place on February 3, 2018.
2- What were you most surprised to learn about FWCC after getting involved? After getting involved with the organization, I was surprised to learn how well trained the young voices of the choir become throughout the year.
I always knew the level of excellence the choir consistently displayed in performances but the overall curriculum is well thought out, proven, reinforced through performance, and built upon month after month, year after year. It is not just rote teaching; it is building a skill these students can use their entire lives, while making memories of singing that will stay with them just as long.
3- Why do you think FWCC is important to our community? I think the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir represents Northeast Indiana’s commitment to quality music education. What sets apart the FWCC is their long standing dedication to the craft of making music with voices at the highest level.  The FWCC represents Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana in all of its travels
4- What is your favorite FWCC memory? My favorite FWCC memory is performing with Smooth Edge 2 at ChoralFest 2016 at Follinger Theatre. The choir members and the rest of the audience seemed to enjoyed the performance and our group was very honored to be a part of the evening’s festivities. Since I unfortunately was not a member of the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir, I did not sing but, I do make a lot of percussion noises with my mouth! Beat Boxing was pretty popular on the East Coast in the 80’s!
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Meet the Staff- Donna Hartleroad

Photo: Andy Pauquette

This week’s featured staff member is Donna Hartleroad, accompanist for the Lyric and Treble Choirs. Donna graduated from Cedarville University with a degree in Piano Performance and a minor in  Music Theory. She did  a year of graduate  studies at The Ohio State University. She grew up on a farm in Northwest Ohio, about 30 miles northeast of Fort Wayne. At present, outside of FWCC, she is working in local schools, helping middle and high school students in their musical endeavors. she and her husband are very active in their church in many different capacities. They also have 2 adorable grandchildren, one here in Fort Wayne, one in Missouri, and another on the way, here in Fort Wayne, that keep them unbelievably busy and on their toes at all times.

1- What do you like best about working with FWCC? There are so many good things to say about FWCC. One of the things I like about working with FWCC  is their passion for education, growth, and development of the children in our choirs. It’s not all about performance, though that is emphasized. We speak to musical literacy, musical expression, and personal development of each child. It’s  a joy to watch our young singers as they mature and develop and make their way through each of our choirs.

Another thing I like about working at FWCC  is the camaraderie and like mindedness between all the conductors, accompanist, and staff that I have worked with. Always professional, always caring, always the same expectations no matter which choir I attend, yet like one big family.

2- What is your favorite FWCC memory? I have many wonderful memories from FWCC.  Some of the early ones when Mr. Meads was directing the choir I accompanied to more recent. I guess the latest was when we were on tour last summer and Youth Chorale did an impromptu song at the 9/11 museum, outside at the infinity pool. It was a somber moment, but I was  very proud of how our young adults sang and also understood the significance of that particular place. 

3- How would you describe the culture of FWCC?  I consider the  culture of FWCC as that of a nurturing environment. I’ve seen shy young students blossom and come out of their shell. No one is forced to speak or sing, yet every opportunity is given, and supported. I think that is probably why I sing the praises of FWCC wherever I go and suggest it to families with children who are of the age to be in FWCC. The Nurturing environment. Also the variety of repertoire the children sing along with the many languages they learn.  Also, children will get to know and make many friends with children their own age from other schools, and home schooled. With that common bond of music, it is amazing to watch friendships start that will last maybe a lifetime. I can even say for myself I have met new people at FWCC whose friendship I now treasure.


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Concert Etiquette

As our Harvest Concert on Sunday, November 5, approaches, we thought we’d post this friendly reminder about concert etiquette. Our singers have worked hard to prepare. We want them to be successful and we want all of you to enjoy the performance.

–  The cardinal rule is to not do anything that distracts from the music itself.

– Arrive at least fifteen minutes early for the concert. Even if the lights haven’t gone down, it can be disruptive to make your way to your seat when most people are already seated in your aisle.

– Please turn off your cell phones. Checking email or reading news, etc., on a smartphone during a concert makes no sound, but the bright light may be distracting to others in a darkened room.

-Be respectful of your fellow patrons. If you are wearing a hat, remove it; if you have glasses on your forehead, remove them. If you have a large purse, place it on the floor under your seat.

-Please refrain from talking during the performance. The slightest whisper can be disrupting.

– Plan to eat before you arrive, as no food is allowed in the venue.

– Remain seated during the performance unless it is an emergency.

– Remain in the concert hall until the applause ends and the lights come up.

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Meet the Board- Megan Ryan

This week’s featured board member is Megan Ryan. Megan is a FWCC alum and serves as our secretary on the board of directors. She is a special education teacher at FWCS Towles Montessori and is entering her 8th year of teaching. She was born and raised in Fort Wayne and graduated from Saint Mary’s College in 2009, with her undergraduate degree. She obtained her masters in Special Education at The University of Saint Francis in 2014. In between her undergraduate and graduate work, she spent a large amount of time teaching in Ghana, West Africa. She is also a member and volunteer at the Southwest Conservation Club, and co-owner of Southwest Honey Company, where she gets to spend all of her free time caring for honey bees and managing their pollinator education programs for the community.
1- Why do you volunteer with FWCC? I have been associated with the FWCC since I was in 5th grade! I was overjoyed when I was asked to be a part of the board 4 years ago. I first got engaged with the choir because of my music teacher in elementary school. She encouraged me to audition, and I never looked back.
2- What were you most surprised to learn about FWCC after getting involved?  I have always known, all these years, that the adults who work with FWCC work hard. But man oh man! Once I joined the board, I really got an inside look at what it really takes to make such a phenomenal organization find the success that it has. Kudos to all the staff, directors, board members, and volunteers!
3- Why do you think FWCC is important to our community? The FWCC is essential to our Fort Wayne community for three simple reasons: educational excellence, fostering of cultural appreciation, developing relationships (the music is the tool used to do all three of these-and beautiful music at that). These are three things that every child should be exposed to and assisted in developing during their childhood.
4- What is your favorite FWCC memory?  My favorite FWCC memory is our tour trip to England when I was in 6th grade. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I was lucky enough to have my mom and my grandmother along for the trip, and I got to room with my good friend, Becky Caywood. In one short trip, my life was forever changed- my love for travel, the world around me, and soaking up different cultures would never be the same!
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Meet the Staff- Laura Dallman

Photo: Andy Pauquette

This week’s featured staff member is Laura Dallman. Laura is our Boychoir accompanist. She has worked with the FWCC in some capacity for the past three years. First she was a guest artist, and then she joined permanently as the Boychoir accompanist.

Laura grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana, and has lived all of her life in Indiana, save a short summer stint at a music festival in Vail, Colorado. She currently teaches music appreciation, class piano, and music history at IPFW and Ball State University. Laura earned a Bachelor’s of Music (Piano Performance) at Ball State University, a Master of Arts (Musicology) Indiana University, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Musicology) Indiana University.

1- What do you like best about working with FWCC? I like the positive atmosphere that the FWCC creates and encourages, both for the students and the staff.

2- What is your favorite FWCC memory? I was just tickled when the Boychoir sang “Johnny Schmoker” at a dress rehearsal and the rest of the FWCC gave them thunderous applause. The boys looked so excited!

3- How would you describe the culture of FWCC? I would describe the culture of FWCC as inviting and caring.

4- In your own words, why should a child consider joining FWCC?  I think children should consider joining FWCC because they will meet other children of all ages that love music and singing. From a more educational standpoint, I know they will receive quality music education, too.

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Meet the Board- Tony Strickler

This week’s featured board member is Tony Strickler. Tony has served on the board for 4 years, 3 as our Treasurer. By day he is the Vice President of Credit at Sweetwater and he has been there for 23 years. He also serves as treasurer on the Board of Director as his church where he has attended for 16 years. He grew up in Decatur and went to Ball State University. He and his wife, Jill, have been married for 27 years. They have two daughters: Allison, a 2016 Purdue Graduate who is now working at Lutheran Hospital, and Cassidy, a freshman at Purdue studying chemical engineering.

1- Why do you volunteer with FWCC?  I got involved many years ago when our daughter Allison was part of the FWCC. She was a member for 5 years. Jonathan and his staff do fantastic work, both with the kids and building FWCC for the future. I feel honored to serve as a board member.
2- What were you most surprised to learn about FWCC after getting involved? Just how large the Choir is and the focus on education. Teaching the underlying concepts, education, and discipline of music transfers over into so many areas that will benefit our singers well into the future.
3- Why do you think FWCC is important to our community? The Fort Wayne arts community is growing right now, and I believe it’s important that a program as unique as FWCC is part of that.
4- What is your favorite FWCC memory? As a Parent, seeing my daughter grow and mature in the choir, both musically and as a young women. As a board member, when Jonathan tried to teach the board to play the chimes. Let’s just say it’s a good thing we didn’t have to perform anywhere.  We will leave that to the professionals– our singers!
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Meet the Staff- Susie Peirce

Photo: Andy Pauquette

This week’s featured staff member is Susie Peirce, Communication & Grants Manager. Susie has been with FWCC for 6 years. She was originally hired to fill a nine-month interim position and was invited to stay. We are glad she did!

Susie grew up in Goshen, Indiana, and moved to Fort Wayne to attend Parkview-Methodist School of Nursing. Upon graduation, she worked a year as evening charge nurse in the Parkview surgery and for 11 years with Orthopaedics Northeast as a hospital rounding nurse. Once she and her husband started a family, she chose to stay home with their children until they were in middle and high school. Upon returning to employment, she has worked as a church administrator, elementary school media clerk and TV producer, educational outreach coordinator, literacy initiative assistant, and consultant.

When she is not working, she enjoys traveling to visit with friends and family, spending time with their grandgirls, reading, needlework, bicycling, and walking. This October, she and her husband will take their second long bicycle trip. Last year they biked 150 miles from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, MD, and this year they will bike the Katy Trail (260 miles) across the state of Missouri.

Here’s a little bit more about Susie:

1- What do you like best about working with FWCC? I appreciate working with an incredibly talented and committed staff. They are extremely knowledgeable and possess an incredible work ethic. Although I really have limited contact with the singers, I do have the opportunity to interact with their families. I really admire the commitment from the parents/guardians to their children and our organization.

2- What is your favorite FWCC memory?  I will never forget the Concert Choir’s performance at the ACDA conference in Chicago. Compared to the size of the other performing groups on their program, the Concert ensemble was small. And then they sang…incredible! Their level of intensity and passion was heard in their voices. The audience’s response was confirmation that everyone there had witnessed an extraordinary performance.

3- How would you describe the culture of FWCC? The culture of the FWCC is supportive, encouraging, and caring. This is present in the administrative and artistic staff and their interactions with the children and their families, as well as the singers and their contact with other FWCC members.

4- In your own words, why should a child consider joining FWCC? I believe it is important for children to participate in activities that interest them. But I also realize that there are some extra-curricular choices that can impact a child’s life. Singing in the FWCC is one of those choices. Children have the opportunity to have extraordinary directors, meet children from communities throughout northeast Indiana, perform for thousands of people in unusual venues, and at the same time, receive a music education that is second to none. This combination of intellectual and physical experiences is extraordinary.


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Meet the Board- Kathryn Lemish

Just like all non-profits, we have a board of directors who lead us in developing vision and ensuring we have the finances in place to continue offering valuable programs. We could not do what we do without their guidance and dedication.

Meet Kathryn Lemish, Vice Chair of FWCC’s Board of Directors. Kathryn grew up in Kendallville and how resides in Huntertown with her husband Dave and their two daughters, Nora and Amelia. She is an Assistant Vice President at Lincoln Financial Group in Fort Wayne, where she has worked for 17 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 1998. Even though she doesn’t have a full-time job in music, she has continued to work with area marching bands and winter drumlines, both teaching and arranging the percussion music for fall marching band shows with her husband.

We had an opportunity to ask her a few questions to get to know her better:

1- How long have you volunteered for FWCC?
I’ve been helping at the FWCC since my daughter first joined in 2013 and have been on the Board since 2015.
2- What were you most surprised to learn about FWCC after getting involved?
I was really amazed at the quality of the music education.  I knew from early parent meetings and learning about the organization online that they emphasized music education but until I started observing rehearsals, I didn’t realize how robust the education was. I’m still amazed by what the kids learn. I have a degree in music and I know there were people in my college theory and ear training classes that couldn’t do what some of the students in the FWCC do.  It’s amazing!
3- Why do you think FWCC is important to our community?
There are so many reasons!  Time after time, studies have shown that children who are involved in music do better in other core school subjects.  Additionally, singing in a choir teaches kids to work together toward a common goal; when they’re on stage singing, they’re creating something beautiful with kids of different ages, interests, and backgrounds. They’re also building confidence by standing on a stage in front of thousands of people.  These are great life skills!  Plus, singing is fun and it’s a skill they can enjoy throughout their life!
4- What is your favorite FWCC memory?
That’s tough!  Being on tour with the Concert Choir this year was really fun!  But it’s always wonderful to watch my daughter sing with the choir – whether it’s on stage at the Embassy with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic or in a pizza place in North Carolina while on tour.  Seeing her grow and mature, not only as a singer but as a person, as well, has been wonderful.
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Meet the Staff- Phyllis Boester

Photo: Andy Pauquette

Meet Phyllis, FWCC’s Lyric Choir Director. Phyllis grew up in Fort Wayne and attended North Side High School where she majored in music with a theater minor. She attended Ball State for a year to major in Music Education, but due to a family illness, she returned to Fort Wayne and completed her degree at IPFW as a voice major.  She taught at several Fort Wayne schools before obtaining the Music Teacher/Choir Director position at Weisser Park Arts Magnet. She also has 2 levels of Orff from IPFW, 2 levels of Creating Artistry for Choral Conductors from the Indianapolis Children’s Choir at Butler University, and received her Kodaly from Capital University. Phyllis is married and has 2 sons that are FWCC alumni – each spending about 10 years of their lives in the choir.  She has 2 grandchildren that she’s hoping will be able to audition soon. She is also the Children’s Music Director at First Wayne Street United Methodist Church and a member of Heartland Sings! She is also the IMEA Area 2 Elementary Coordinator for the Circle The State With Song choir festival that is held at IPFW each February.  I guess you could say that she loves choir!

1 – How long have I been with the FWCC?  That’s a tricky question.  I started observing and assisting the directors in the late 90’s when my sons, Gabe and Conrad, were part of the choir.  I was fascinated by what the directors were able to accomplish with the singers. I asked then Artistic Director  Fred Meads if I could observe him to learn more. Eventually, he introduced me to Janet Ormiston, the director of the Chorister Choir. I asked her if I could be her assistant, and she agreed.  I assisted Mrs. Ormiston, typically on a volunteer basis, until she was ready to retire in 2006. I just happened to be completing my Music Education degree at IPFW in 2006, so Mr. Meads offered me the Chorister Choir Director position. I directed Chorister Choir until the Lyric Choir position became available.  I have been directing Lyric Choir since.

2 – What do I like best about working with the FWCC?  My favorite thing is meeting and working with the children.  I LOVE teaching them how to understand the music literacy part of the songs they are singing. Of course, there are many other wonderful experiences that FWCC provides… excellent staff to work with, tours, etc.

3 – What is one of your favorite FWCC memories? My favorite FWCC memories are of attending NCSICA.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interact with famous directors and composers, such as Rollo Dilworth, Mary Goetze, and Cynthia Bradford.  I have learned so much about working with children in a choral setting from these amazing musicians.
4 – How would you describe the culture of FWCC? Family. I feel very close to my fellow directors and feel like we all work together to accomplish FWCC’s goal of encouraging the love of singing in children. We develop relationships with the singers, and hopefully, they develop lasting friendships with each other.
5 – Why should a child join FWCC? I encourage my students to consider joining the FWCC because of the many benefits of being part of the organization. Aside from developing a deep love of singing, there is a very high standard of music education that the singers receive.  They also develop friendships that have been known to last into adulthood.
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Choral Music Educator’s Workshop, October 10

Each fall, the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir hosts the Choral Music Educator’s Workshop for teachers from Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio. This program brings dozens of educators together to learn a variety of music education methods from well-known clinicians. The workshop is held in the Rhinehart Music Center on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne and music students are invited to participate, as well.

Guest Clinician

This year’s guest clinician is Pamela Pierson. Mrs. Pierson is the Associate Artistic Director of the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir. Currently, she serves as a Limited Term Lecturer at IPFW, teaching courses in music education. She previously worked at Lakewood Park Christian School, where she held positions as Elementary Principal and Assistant Superintendent. Prior to her work as a school administrator, she taught elementary music in the Fort Wayne Community School district where she was also appointed to a position as the Elementary Music Liaison. She is a past board member of the Indiana Music Educators Association and Area 2 coordinator for the Circle of the State with Song. She frequently presents at educational conferences and workshops. Mrs. Pierson received her Bachelor’s degree from Taylor University- Fort Wayne and completed both her Master’s degree and the Principal Licensure Program at Indiana Wesleyan University. She is also certified in Levels 1 and 2 of Orff-Schulwerk.

I ALREADY DO THAT! Discovering the Ways Music Teaches Comprehension

This workshop will identify the ways in which music instruction contributes to the development of comprehension. Mrs. Pierson will define specific comprehension strategies and provide instructional activities straight from the music classroom that address each of the specific strategies. Activities will include singing games, theory and music listening activities, rhythm games, and ideas for incorporating children’s literature. The evening will also include a “Make It, Take It” element, so educators will leave with items ready for student use the next day. The next time your school administrator asks you to incorporate literacy into your music classroom, you can say, “Let me show you how I already do that!”

Registration: 4:00-4:30 pm

Workshop: 4:30-7:30 pm

Fee: $30 (includes meal & materials), or $10 currently enrolled college student

Location: IPFW Rhinehart Music Center, Room 120

Deadline: Friday, September 29

Reserve your spot now! Email or call (260) 481-0481 with any questions.

Or, register ONLINE.

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