Our Program

The Fort Wayne Children's Choir offers a program that emphasizes developing music literacy and appreciation through choral literature. The choir is organized into a tiered-program, with a specific music curriculum for each level. Auditioned singers are placed in an ensemble based on their musical skill, growth, and development. Each ensemble includes a strong focus on team-building, self-discipline, and positive creative expression.
Apprentice Choir

In this beginning level choir, singers are introduced to basic vocal technique, music reading skills, score reading and the concepts of music (melody, rhythm, form, dynamics, harmony). They rehearse weekly throughout the school year for 75 minutes.

Chorister Choir

In this beginning level choir, singers will build music literacy skills, grow vocally, and start to understand music theory concepts. By the end of the year, singers will be able to sing in multiple parts and sight-read simple melodies. Rehearsals are 90 minutes throughout the school year.

Lyric Choir

Expanded vocal training, two-part singing and sight-reading skills are included in the weekly, 90-minute rehearsals of this choir. Basic music theory is introduced.

Whitley Community Choir

This regional choir provides a choral experience for students in the Whitley County region, and is included in regular season programming.

Treble Choir

In this level, two-part skills are continued and three-part singing is introduced. Vocal technique and pentatonic sight-reading are emphasized. Music theory and appreciation skills continue to develop. They rehearse weekly throughout the school year for 90 minutes.

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir is the premier choir of the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir. ¬†Advanced theory, music history and appreciation is emphasized. This choir performs in public frequently and also tours. They rehearse throughout the school year for 90 minutes, twice a week.

Youth Chorale

Members of this choir are typically high school students. Advanced skills in technique, sight-reading, and music theory are stressed. They rehearse weekly throughout the school year for 90 minutes.


The Boychoir was created to give boys in the FWCC an extra opportunity to sing together. They rehearse once a month.

Chamber Singers

A recent addition to the FWCC choir program, the Chamber Singers is made up of select members of the Youth Chorale. This highly motivated ensemble performs for small venues and private functions throughout the community. They rehearse weekly throughout the school year for 60 minutes.