“Fort Wayne Children’s Choir has helped me so much to develop my skills. I would not have been able to perform the lead in the musical at my school without the training I received with FWCC!”

~Catherine Grace

“In its simplest form, harmony is the connection between two or more notes or lines of music. In the Children’s Choir, I not only learned how to sing harmony, but I learned how to listen to others. It was emphasized over and over again to listen to those around you so that you can blend to become one voice. This was not only an important skill for singing, but it was an important life lesson. We often hear those that have the loudest voice, but those who listen are the most effective. This message of respect for others was an integral part of being in the Children’s Choir. What I am trying get at is that my experience of harmony in the choir transcended the wonderful music we made. We learned how to express ourselves musically while connecting the notes on the page to feelings, emotions, and the audience. We were being shaped into productive, positive members of society through music.”

~ Greg N.

“My daughter Elizabeth loves singing with the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir. She looks forward every week to the practices and even more so, to the performances. She believes and I concur, that her experience in the children’s choir has taught her more about the theory of music, how to enrich her own voice and how to share the love of music with children her age. Her dream is to continue with the choir and perform at its highest levels.”

~Scott Wagner

“The Fort Wayne Children’s Choir offers my daughter an opportunity to be in a noncompetitive, nurturing environment with a diverse group of children working together to create music. Every child in the choir has a purpose, a need to work together, and I have seen how the expectation to do well has helped her mature as a young person. In today’s world with so many competitive sports and activities (and there is a time and place for those activities too!), I as a parent was hungry to find something for my daughter that focused on simply being kind, following directions, and working as a team. This year during the Spring concert, tears came to my eyes several times as I sat and witnessed how the choir has affected my child’s life in such a positive way. I have found a place where every child belongs and that warms my heart; and where there is a warm heart – there is good to be done.”

~Aisha Arrington

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