Board member Ian D. Broad-White is the Director of Support Services at Park Center in Fort Wayne. Park Center is a comprehensive behavioral health provider offering services in Allen, Adams, and Wells counties. Its goal is to provide quality care and support to promote wellness and healing for clients of all ages and at every stage of recovery.

How did you become involved with FWCC?

I heard FWCC was looking for additional board members, and wanted to explore this opportunity. I was heavily involved in music and choir growing up, and I was looking for a way to become involved with music again in my adult life.

Why is FWCC important to the community?

FWCC helps lay the foundation for our singers, helping to not only gain great music skills, but learn about history, culture, leadership, and other life skills.

What were you most surprised to learn about FWCC?

I was surprised to learn how large the footprint for FWCC is – the number of schools represented, how many counties are represented, the number of zip codes represented. It is quite impressive, and amazing to see the impact FWCC makes in our region.

Do you have a favorite FWCC memory?

I stepped onto the Board of Directors in February and have yet to meet them in-person due to COVID-19. The Zoom meetings have been quite entertaining! J

How does FWCC impact its singers?

FWCC provides an experience. From education, opportunity, friendship, loyalty. FWCC is a full-package deal for anyone involved in any capacity.

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