This week’s featured board member is Tony Strickler. Tony has served on the board for 4 years, 3 as our Treasurer. By day he is the Vice President of Credit at Sweetwater and he has been there for 23 years. He also serves as treasurer on the Board of Director as his church where he has attended for 16 years. He grew up in Decatur and went to Ball State University. He and his wife, Jill, have been married for 27 years. They have two daughters: Allison, a 2016 Purdue Graduate who is now working at Lutheran Hospital, and Cassidy, a freshman at Purdue studying chemical engineering.

1- Why do you volunteer with FWCC?  I got involved many years ago when our daughter Allison was part of the FWCC. She was a member for 5 years. Jonathan and his staff do fantastic work, both with the kids and building FWCC for the future. I feel honored to serve as a board member.
2- What were you most surprised to learn about FWCC after getting involved? Just how large the Choir is and the focus on education. Teaching the underlying concepts, education, and discipline of music transfers over into so many areas that will benefit our singers well into the future.
3- Why do you think FWCC is important to our community? The Fort Wayne arts community is growing right now, and I believe it’s important that a program as unique as FWCC is part of that.
4- What is your favorite FWCC memory? As a Parent, seeing my daughter grow and mature in the choir, both musically and as a young women. As a board member, when Jonathan tried to teach the board to play the chimes. Let’s just say it’s a good thing we didn’t have to perform anywhere.  We will leave that to the professionals– our singers!
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