The Preparatory Program is designed for younger students, 6-7 years old, with little to no choral experience. Directed by a master music educator, children learn the basics of being in a choir without the pressure of performance. Singers learn rehearsal etiquette and the foundations of singing in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. No placement session is required.

WHEN: All classes are on Mondays during the school year. 4:45-5:30 pm.

WHERE: Holy Cross Lutheran School, 3425 Crescent Avenue.

WHO: The Prep Class is under the direction of Mrs. Susan LaCroix, who also directs the Apprentice Choir. Mrs. LaCroix teaches at Holy Cross Lutheran School.

HOW: Register through the FWCC office, (260) 481-0481. No audition is needed for the Preparatory Program.

PERFORMANCES: Singers in the program give an informal concert for parents at the end of the 8-week session.

COST: $99/8-week session; Payment plans are available.

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